80 g

Smoked poultry foam on toasted bread, cranberry reduction

Recommended with Gewürztraminer 2015
109 Kč
80 g

Honey goat cheese with pickled walnuts and marinated fruit

Recommended with Gewürztraminer 2015
129 Kč


Strong beef and bone broth with vegetables, meat and homemade noodles

65 Kč

Mushroom cream with croutons with sour cream

Recommended with Muscat zemský
65 Kč

Main courses

200 g

Pork tenderloin with thyme and butter

Served with garlic potatoe purée with pearl barley and bacon crouton.
Recommended with Pinot blanc 2015, nebo Johann W white
219 Kč
200 g

Slow roast duck with oranges and apples

Served with onion broth and saffron stuffing.
Recommended with Johann W red, nebo Pinot gris 2015
205 Kč
200 g

Chicken breast with skin and grilled mushrooms

Served with fine bacon sauce.
Recommended with Müller Thurgau zemský or Rosé 2017
195 Kč
200 g

Boar ragout with root vegetables and red wine Johann W

We chose mashed potatoes with bacon and sour creamas a side dish.
Recommended with Johann W red
229 Kč
200 g

Slowly roasted duck leg on apples and oranges with onion cabbage, potato pancakes served with butter and sour cream

Recommended with Pinot Gris 2015.
235 Kč
200 g

Winery specialty: Slowly baked young goat with garlic and honey

As a side dish we chose Moravian cabbage and homemade parsley dumplings.
Recommended with Pinot gris 2015 or Johann W red
159 Kč


Chocolate tart with sweet cheese mousse

Recommended with Gewürztraminer 2015
99 Kč

Open strudel with apple-pear broth and marinated nuts

Recommended with Gewürztraminer 2015
109 Kč


200 g

A variety of French cheeses with a selection of sauces, nuts, grapes and fruit broth

Recommended with Johann W red or Gewürztraminer 2015/2016
280 Kč
200 g

Variety of local cheeses from the Oblík farm with a selection of sauces, nuts, grapes and fruit broth

Recommended with Müller Thurgau 2017
329 Kč

All prices include VAT. List of allergens on request from the service.