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0,7 l
2014 Kabinett wines dry vineyard
Pod Skršínským vrchem
alk. 11.5 % sugar free extract
19.6 g/l
residual sugar 1 g/l tot. acid. 6.2 g/l

A wine of a light yellow color, which will draw you in with its pleasant scent with undertones of ablossoming field.

Thanks to the fruity mineral flavor with a sparkling acidity it is a wine ideal for serving with spring salads, trout in butter or chicken with light creamy sauce.

Produced quantity 5.100 liters

Sugar content in the collection 19,7 °NM

Date of collection 18.10.2014

Fermentation time 11 days

Maturing 8 months

Aging in barrels stainless steel barrels

The potential for archiving 1-2 years

Recommended temperature for administration 11 °C

The recommended temperature for consumption 12 °C

Vineyard This vineyard, which covers the surface of 3 hectares, is part of the vineyard track Pod Skršínským vrchem (10,5 ha), which was planted in 1970. It is located near town of Bělušice under Skršínský vrch, on the edge of the Protected Landscape Area České Středohoří. The entire hill was created by tectonic activity about 25 million years ago; however, the edrock is formed by 60% of limestone and 40% of loess with sand-clay soil. The vines still managed to find minerality-thanks to their root system, which i places reaches 25 meters underground. The vineyard Lucie is located on the very top of the entire vineyard complex, and it has the best possible terroir for the ripening of the grapes. The area is on both sides protected from spring frosts by tall locust trees.


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