Johann W red

0,7 l
2013 label wine dry vineyard
alk. 12 % sugar free extract
27 g/l
residual sugar 1 g/l tot. acid. 6 g/l

Ruby color with a slightly brownish reflection. Richa aroma with tones of dried fruit and chocolate. Full and long taste, with a strong aftertaste with velvety tones.

The wine goes very well with steaks, grilled meat, game a ripened cheeses.

We decided to go against Chzech tradition and create a cuvee that is a combination of the best grapes and combines the quality of the individual cultivars and brings it to the next level. We wanted to create a wine that will be a well-rounded, GREAT WINE with a strong flavor and a bouquet that offers interesting mineral salinity. Involved in the mixing of the wine were prominent sommeliers and wine merchants, who have had ample experience with domestic products, as well as with products from abroad. We tested various mixing ratios until we unanimously agreed on the best possible version, which we are now happy to share with you. We believe that you will love JOHANN W red as much as we do.

Produced quantity 3.330 liters

Sugar content in the collection 22 °NM

Date of collection 20. listopadu 2013

Fermentation time 14 days

Maturing 14 days in vinificator, followed by 18 months

Aging in barrels 1/3 in new barrique-type barrels and 2/3 in large oak barrels

The potential for archiving 6-10 years

Recommended temperature for administration 13 °C

The recommended temperature for consumption 15 °C

Vineyard The Koskov vineyard track was planted in 2004. The closed valey spreading over about 18 hectares of land lies closest to winery grounds, directly in the district of the town of Třebívlice, in the heart of the Central Bohemian Uplands nature reserve. The bedrock is pure limestone and a large portion of this rock reaches into the vineyard rows. The vineyard thus accumulates heat during sunny days and the heat continues to warm the maturing grapes long after sundown. An old Jewish cemetery lies in the middle of the vineyard. Wines from this vineyard track have a medium mineral content.

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