0,7 l
2013 late harvest dry vineyard
Pod Hazmburkem
alk. 11.6 % sugar free extract
23.7 g/l
residual sugar 1 g/l tot. acid. 7 g/l

Full golden color. Strong Riesling fragrance with tones of paraffin oil. Full-bodied taste with tones of dried fruit, blossoming linden trees, and an aftertaste of sparkling acidity, which gives the wine character.

The wine goes well ith fresh-water fish as well as with sea fish, poultry and light pork dishes

Produced quantity 3.000 liters

Sugar content in the collection 21,6 °NM

Date of collection 20.11.2013

Fermentation time 10 days

Maturing 15 months (in an oak barrel, followd by three months in stainless steel)

Aging in barrels french oak and stainless barrels

The potential for archiving 4-6 years

Recommended temperature for administration 9 °C

The recommended temperature for consumption 9-11 °C

Vineyard Our most romantic vineyard track. The lines of this 4-hectar vineyard run down the South slope of the hill towards historic town of Libochovice. Thanks to its position, the vineyard bathes in the sun all day long. As the hill was created about 25 million years ago by a volcanic eruption, the bedrock underneath a half-meter layer of black soil is formed in 100% by basalt igneous rock, with weathered lava stones sticking out above the ground, which work as heat accumulators. On the top of the hill, there is the ancient castle of Hazmburk, which - thanks to its towers - is visible from afar, and counts among the dominants of the region of České středohoří. Wines produced form grapes from this vineyard track are strong and uniquely mineral. And it is Riesling that stands out in this respect, as it is the last cultivar ripen.


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